Tennis Programs in Newcastle

We offers a large range of Private & Group Programs for all ages and abilities.

Smaller court, racquets & balls that bounce lower… making ANZ Hotshots Tennis just right for kids.

The number one goal of the program is to allow children to fast-track their tennis development


We have something for everyone!
Register with a partner, solo (we will find you one) or as a reserve.

Whether you’re looking for a ladies clinic, men’s session, weekly social group, or a cardio tennis class we’ve got you covered.

A fitness program for all levels, promoting a healthy, active lifestyle through tennis workouts.

Here at Discover Sports we offer a wide range of weekly competitions for Red, Orange, Green & Hard Ball players.

We thoroughly encourage all clients to invest in private tution with our experienced qualified coaches & former tour professionals to help give you that winning advantage

This program is designed to help players reach the highest level. Whether that be top of their school rankings, be accepted into an american college or head straight for the tour.

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Ladies Clinic

Runs Monday – Friday 9:30am-11:00am (price is $20 per class casual payment) 25% discount if paid upfront first week

In the dynamic cityscape of Newcastle, where sports and passion blend seamlessly, Discover Sports Group stands as a beacon of tennis excellence. Our unwavering commitment to the sport is evident in every ace, every rally, and every program we offer. We’ve built an impeccable reputation over the years, known for delivering bespoke tennis experiences that are second to none.


Our range of programs is vast and tailored to every need. Our junior tennis programs are designed for budding talents eager to grasp the game’s nuances. Our exclusive tennis programs for kids fuse enjoyment with skill development, ensuring the younger generation finds joy and purpose on the court. For the adults our tennis programs for adults offer comprehensive training that caters to both newcomers and the more experienced, guaranteeing each player honing their skills and deepening their love for the game.


At Discover Sports Group, tennis is more than just a game; it’s a journey, an experience, a passion. We aim not just to teach the basics but to immerse every individual in a tailored tennis journey, ensuring they don’t just participate but thrive in every aspect of the sport.


Kids Tennis Programs Newcastle: Cultivating Tomorrow’s Talent

Renowned for its vibrant sporting culture, Newcastle hosts an elite space dedicated to young tennis enthusiasts. This distinguished arena is where emerging racquet professionals discover their potential and begin their transformative journey in tennis.


Bespoke Tennis Programs for Aspiring Champions

Discover Sports Group’s tennis programs for kids manifest our unwavering commitment to excellence in tennis education. Beyond mere instruction, our programs are immersive experiences conceptualised with precision and attention to detail. Each session every exercise, is thoughtfully crafted to meet the specific needs of young learners.


Harnessing Potential with Expert Guidance

Our philosophy extends beyond simple coaching. As mentors and guardians of the sport, we acknowledge the immense potential and passion that each child brings to our courts. This acknowledgment shapes our approach, ensuring our programs teach techniques and build the foundation for enduring success in tennis. Through disciplined training and mentorship, we aim to empower every participant, giving them the tools and knowledge to excel and setting them on a path to becoming the tennis luminaries of tomorrow.


Adult Tennis Programs Newcastle: Where Ambition Meets Excellence

Newcastle is known for its vibrant sporting spirit. Discover Sports Group is dedicated to furthering that legacy with our elite tennis programs. Designed for the committed adult enthusiast, our adult tennis programs reflect our unwavering dedication to superior tennis instruction.


Igniting Tennis Passions

The world of tennis is expansive, and everyone steps onto the court with their aspirations. Whether you want to elevate your weekend game or aspire to play in club championships, our program caters to every passion.


Beyond Traditional Drills

Traditional training often limits players to repetitive drills that lack depth. Our tennis programs for passionate adults break this mould. By seamlessly blending rigorous training sessions with moments of leisurely play, we ensure that adults find the right balance between learning and enjoyment. This approach fosters skill development and ensures players see their court rhythm and style.


The Grand Slam Vision

It’s one thing to watch grand slams from the comfort of your living room; it’s an entirely different experience to train with the intensity of a grand slam contender. With Discover Sports Group’s tennis programs for adults, we transform Newcastle’s tennis enthusiasts into players with great aspirations. We believe in pushing boundaries, setting new standards, and turning dreams into achievable goals.


Private Tennis Programs Newcastle: A Personalised Tennis Journey

Discover Sports Group’s private tennis programs offer a sanctuary of personalised training. Whether you’re delving into our junior tennis programs, keenly designed tennis programs for kids, or comprehensive tennis programs for adults, we guarantee undivided attention to refining every serve, backhand, and volley. Private lessons, tailored techniques, and individualised feedback – that’s our promise to you.


Guiding the Future Champions 

Our junior tennis programs aren’t mere sessions but foundational blocks for tomorrow’s tennis maestros. Crafted with precision, each session blends instruction with inspiration. 


Childhood Dreams Take Flight

For the budding racquet-wielders, our tennis programs for kids tap into the raw potential. Balancing playfulness with core tennis techniques we ensure an environment of growth and enjoyment. 


Adults Stepping Into Mastery

In the realm of tennis, passion transcends age. Reflecting this, our tennis programs for adults cater to newcomers and seasoned enthusiasts. Focused and adaptive, our methodology ensures tangible progress. 


Discover Sports Group’s Pledge

Every player’s journey is unique, and we honour that. Athletes are graced with targeted techniques and in-depth feedback through our private sessions. Our dedication goes beyond just teaching tennis; it’s about sculpting excellence, one swing at a time.


Group Tennis Programs Newcastle: Building Bonds on the Court

Harnessing the power of community and collective learning, our group tennis programs offer an unmatched camaraderie. Dive into collaborative drills with our Junior Tennis Programs, fun team activities under tennis programs for kids, or engaging doubles strategies in tennis programs for adults. Tennis is a group adventure with us; every participant is a valued team player.


Unity in Learning: The Power of Collective Training

At the heart of Newcastle, Discover Sports Group stands as a testament to the unyielding spirit of community-based learning. Harnessing the energy of group dynamics, our Group tennis programs extend beyond conventional training, fostering an environment of unparalleled camaraderie and team spirit.  


For the Young and Passionate: Junior Tennis Programs

Our specially curated collective drills, tailored for juniors, offer a blend of skill acquisition and team-based fun. Here, youngsters learn the basics and understand the value of team spirit and mutual respect. 


Rediscovering Fun: Tennis Programs for Kids 

Merging tennis with delightful team activities, our programs for kids emphasise enjoyment as much as learning. Every serve, volley, and rally becomes a memory when experienced together. 


Doubles Mastery: Tennis Programs for Adults

Focused on imparting engaging doubles strategies, our adult programs cater to both the novice and the experienced. Elevate your game strategy, understanding the depth of partnership dynamics in tennis.


In essence, with us, tennis transcends individual accomplishment. It’s a shared journey, a group adventure. In this adventure, every participant, regardless of skill level, is cherished, celebrated, and recognised as an indispensable team player.


Join the League of Tennis Excellence

Discover a new realm where tennis transcends beyond mere gameplay. Here, at Discover Sports Group, we don’t just see tennis as a game—it’s an embodiment of passion, a pursuit of dreams, and an ongoing journey toward mastery.


Why Settle for Ordinary?

Why stay in the crowd when you can stand out? Is your heart set on delivering that perfect ace or mastering that unbeatable serve? If so, it’s time to come forward and step onto the court with us.


A Tailored Tennis Experience in Newcastle

Initiate your tailored tennis adventure in the heart of Newcastle. Whether you’re a beginner itching to get started or a seasoned player looking to refine those intricate skills, we’ve curated the perfect program just for you.


Your Next Step in Tennis Dominance 

Why wait? Reach out to us at Discover Sports Group. Dive into a world where every serve, volley, and rally brings you closer to tennis brilliance. The court, under the pristine Newcastle sky, is primed and ready. It’s not just any court—it’s your court and eagerly awaits your prowess.

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