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Looking for a place to hone your tennis skills? Look no further than Discover Sports Group, Tennis in Broadmeadow, Newcastle. This world-class tennis facility offers a range of services, from coaching to competitions, for all ages and skill levels. 


Let’s take a closer look at what Discover Sports Group, Tennis has to offer.


Broadmeadow Tennis Coaching

If you’re new to tennis or want to take your game to the next level, Discover Sports Group, Tennis offers a range of coaching services to suit your needs. With a team of experienced and certified coaches, you can receive personalised coaching to develop your skills and reach your tennis goals. Whether you prefer individual or group lessons, there’s something for everyone at Discover Sports Group, Tennis.


Adult Tennis Lessons Broadmeadow

Discover Sports Group, Tennis gives adult tennis classes to meet your needs, whether you’re just starting out or trying to develop your game. Our coaches are competent and trained, and their classes will be tailored to your level of ability and expertise.


Beginner Adult Tennis Lessons: If you’re new to tennis or haven’t played in a while, our beginner adult tennis classes are ideal. Our coaches will teach you the fundamentals of the game, like the rules, strokes, and footwork. Tennis etiquette and sportsmanship will also be covered. Our beginner classes are enjoyable and engaging, and you’ll be playing points in no time.


Intermediate Adult Tennis Lessons: If you already know the fundamentals of tennis and are interested in improving your game, our intermediate adult tennis classes are suitable for you. Our experts will assist you in fine-tuning your technique, footwork, and court positioning. You’ll learn how to hit with greater power and spin, as well as how to serve consistently. Our intermediate courses are meant to challenge you and help you advance your game.


Hot Shot Kid’s Tennis Broadmeadow

Tennis, at Discover Sports Group, in Broadmeadow, is not just for adults, but also for kids! As a result, we offer the Hot Shot program for children ages 4 to 12. Our skilled instructors recognize that young children learn best when they are involved in engaging and interactive activities. To help youngsters learn the fundamentals of tennis, our Hot Shot program is filled with a variety of games and activities that are both entertaining and informative.


Our Hot Shot program is divided into levels, with each level building on the previous level’s skills. This guarantees that kids grow at their own pace while still being challenged to improve. Our coaches will help your child acquire the abilities and confidence to play tennis by emphasising technique, footwork, and coordination.


But, it is not just about the game. Teamwork, sportsmanship, and respect for others are all highlighted in our Hot Shot program. These principles are as essential to us as tennis abilities, and we seek to instil them in all of our players.


Tennis Competitions Broadmeadow

Are you a seasoned tennis player seeking a new challenge? Go no farther than Discovering Tennis in Broadmeadow, Newcastle. During the year, we host a variety of tennis tournaments and competitions, with events to accommodate players of all skill levels.


Our tournaments range from social to competitive events, allowing users to compete against other players of comparable skill levels. There is a tournament to fit your needs, whether you are a seasoned player or just starting out.


Our events not only provide a fun and demanding atmosphere for tennis, but they also bring amazing prizes and the opportunity to meet other tennis fans. Our events are a spectacular chance to develop your abilities and meet new people, with a focus on sportsmanship and fair play.


Discover Your Potential on the Court with Discover Sports Group in Broadmeadow!

Ready to improve your tennis game? Join Discover Sports Group for Tennis in Broadmeadow today and take advantage of our state-of-the-art facilities and experienced coaches. Whether you’re looking for adult tennis lessons, Hot Shot Kids Tennis for your child, or a chance to compete in our tennis tournaments, we have something for everyone. Don’t wait, sign up now and start playing your best tennis today!

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Tom Haslam

Managing Director - Discover Sports Group

Tom has been involved in tennis from a very young age. As a player he competed to a high standard, reaching the top 100 of all U.K. age groups from Under 16 onwards. He combined studying Sports Science at the U.K. most prestigious sporting University, Loughborough with playing and coaching, whilst captaining the men’s first team.

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