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Private Tennis Coaching Newcastle

Accelerate your development with 1-2-1 tuition

Our private lessons are a fantastic way to ease yourself into the game or fine tune the smaller details of your Tennis


All our highly qualified coaches are available for private lessons.


You can book by heading to the coaching team page and choosing your pro, or calling the Tennis Centre

Private Tennis Coaching is a wonderful choice for athletes in Newcastle who want to enhance their tennis skills. Private coaching allows participants to get individualised training and feedback from expert instructors that is geared to their specific needs and goals.


Discover Sports Group, Tennis in Newcastle provides private tennis instruction to players of all ages and ability levels. Our licensed coaches work one-on-one with you to improve your technique, footwork, and strategy, allowing you to realise your best potential on the court.


Private tennis coaching is an excellent approach to improve your game and focus on particular components such as serving, volleys, and footwork. You may also strengthen your mental game with individualised coaching, learning to stay focused and confident under pressure.


With our private tennis instruction, we provide flexible scheduling choices and competitive prices, allowing you to squeeze tennis training into your busy schedule. Whether you’re a novice trying to learn the fundamentals or an experienced player looking to improve your game, our individual tennis coaching will help you reach your goals.


Private Tennis Lessons Newcastle

Private tennis lessons in Newcastle offer a wide range of advantages for players of all skill levels. Here are some of the key benefits of taking private tennis lessons at Discover Sports Group, in Newcastle:

  • Personalised Instruction: Private tennis lessons offer personalised instruction tailored to the specific needs and goals of the individual player. Coaches work one-on-one with the player to identify areas of weakness and develop a personalised plan to address those areas.
  • Individual Attention: In a private tennis lesson, the coach can focus their full attention on the player, providing real-time feedback and correction. This individual attention helps the player to improve their technique and reach their full potential faster.
  • Customised Schedule: Private tennis lessons offer flexibility in scheduling, allowing players to work around their busy schedules. Lessons can be scheduled at a time and frequency that works best for the player.
  • Faster Progress: With personalised instruction and individual attention, players can make faster progress in their tennis skills than in a group lesson setting. Players can work on specific skills and receive immediate feedback on their progress.
  • Mental Game Improvement: Private tennis lessons not only improve a player’s physical skills but also their mental game. Coaches can help players develop confidence, focus, and resilience on the court.

At Discover Sports Group, Tennis in Newcastle, our certified coaches provide high-quality private tennis lessons for players of all ages and skill levels.


Kids Private Tennis Training Newcastle

Tennis is an excellent activity for children since it encourages physical health, social growth, and brain development. Discovering Tennis in Newcastle provides individualised tennis lessons for children to help them learn the foundations of the sport in a secure and friendly setting.


Private tennis training may be tailored to each child’s specific requirements and goals, putting them on a path to a lifetime of enjoyment and success in the sport. 


Private Group Training Newcastle

Private group training for tennis at Discover Sports Group, Tennis in Newcastle can be a great option. It’s cost-effective and offers a social setting for players to practise and improve their skills.


The training is personalised to the group’s needs and goals, and provides a variety of drills and exercises. It’s a great way to improve your tennis game while having fun with others.


Discover Your Potential With Expert Tennis Coaching at Discover Sports Group Tennis in Newcastle!

Discover your full potential on the court with expert tennis coaching at Discover Sports Group, Tennis in Newcastle. Our experienced coaches provide training for players of all ages and skill levels. Whether you’re looking for private tennis lessons or private group training, we have options to suit your needs and goals. Our state-of-the-art facilities and top-quality equipment ensure that you have everything you need to succeed.


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