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Adult Social Doubles

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Junior Comp

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Sunday Social

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Adult Premier Competition

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Premier League - UTR

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Tennis competitions may be precisely what you need if you’re a tennis player in Newcastle searching for a fun and competitive approach to enhance your skills. This can give a variety of benefits to help you become a better player, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player.


Here are some reasons why you should participate in tennis tournaments in Newcastle:


Improve Your Skills: Tennis contests give an excellent opportunity to practise and enhance your abilities. Competing against other players may help you uncover weak points in your game and push you to try new ideas and methods.


Stay Motivated: Entering tennis competitions can help you stay motivated to develop your skills. The competitive aspect of these tournaments can motivate you to practise harder and improve your game.


Meet New People: Tennis contests are an excellent way to meet new individuals who share your enthusiasm for the sport. You can establish new acquaintances and relationships with other local gamers.


Social Tennis Competitions Newcastle

Social tennis competitions in Newcastle are a brilliant way for tennis players of all levels to get together and enjoy the sport in a joyful and casual setting. These competitions are accessible to everyone, regardless of skill level or experience, and are an excellent opportunity to meet new people and establish friends who share a love of tennis.


One of the primary advantages of social tennis tournaments is that they are meant to be inclusive and entertaining for participants of all skill levels. You may pick a tournament that suits your level of expertise and skill, whether you’re a seasoned player or just starting out. These events are excellent for improving your game since you may learn from more experienced players and practise your skills against those who are just starting out.


It might be frightening for people who are new to social tennis contests to jump in and start playing. Yet, the welcoming and encouraging atmosphere of these events makes it simple to become part and begin enjoying the sport. Numerous contests include coaching and training sessions for novices, as well as the chance to play in a team with other players of comparable ability levels.


Junior Tennis Competitions Newcastle

Junior tennis events in Newcastle are an excellent opportunity for young players to demonstrate their abilities, improve their game, and compete against other players in a safe and friendly atmosphere. These tournaments are intended for children of all skill levels and ages, and they give an excellent chance for youngsters to improve their game, gain confidence, and have fun while playing tennis.


Junior tennis competitions can provide a variety of advantages for young players. First and foremost, games allow children to compare their abilities to those of others and assess how they measure up. This may be a great motivation for players trying to better their game and advance their abilities.


Junior tennis competitions can also assist young players acquire vital life skills like collaboration, sportsmanship, and perseverance. These abilities may be beneficial both on and off the court, and they can assist children in developing a favourable attitude toward sports and physical activity.


Unleash Your Competitive Spirit with Discover Sports Group, Tennis

Looking to improve your tennis skills and have fun while doing it? Join us at Discover Sports Group, Tennis! Contact us today to learn more about our private coaching, group training, and competition opportunities.


Let’s take your game to the next level together!

Discover Sports Group is an emblem of tennis excellence at the core of Newcastle’s vibrant sports landscape. Our institution shines as a beacon for all tennis enthusiasts. Our reputation is built upon a steadfast commitment to fostering tennis talent in the community. Over the years, we have become a cornerstone in organising top-tier kids’ tennis competitions, adult tennis competitions, and junior tennis competitions. Each tournament is a testament to our dedication to the sport. Discover Sports Group offers an unparalleled tennis journey from fledgeling enthusiasts just dipping their toes into the tennis world to seasoned professionals seeking high-level competition. Here, participants experience a seamless fusion of the raw enthusiasm of competition with the genuine joy of learning and growing in the game.


Prominent Newcastle Tennis Competitions 

Newcastle, known for its longstanding sporting tradition, has consistently prioritised tennis as a cornerstone of its athletic culture. Leading this commitment is the Discover Sports Group, which has strategically and systematically developed a comprehensive framework for tennis competitions. Recognising the importance of early engagement, our kids’ tennis competitions are meticulously designed to offer skill-building opportunities and an enjoyable environment.


The Rigour and Etiquette of Junior Tennis

For our junior demographic, the emphasis of our tennis competitions lies in achieving a harmonious blend of rigorous training and the inculcation of core sportsmanship values. These tournaments provide a structured pathway for aspiring talents, guiding them towards achieving their maximum potential in the sport.


Excellence in Adult Tennis Engagement

Our adult tennis competitions, renowned throughout Newcastle, offer a sophisticated balance of competitive engagement and fostering a supportive community spirit. With each match, participants can showcase their skill set and network, collaborate, and share in the collective passion for the sport.


Newcastle Tennis Tournaments: Where Passion Meets Precision

Discover Sports Group has become synonymous with tennis excellence in Newcastle. Each tournament we oversee transforms from a mere game to an unforgettable experience, a canvas of memories painted with skilful strokes and fierce rallies.


Launching Legends: Kids Tennis Duels

Our kids tennis competitions aren’t just events but the foundation stones upon which dreams are built. Through world-class coaching and riveting real-match scenarios, youngsters are offered an unparalleled introduction to tennis.


Journey to Mastery: Junior Tennis Challenges

Junior tennis competitions serve as the crucible for emerging talents. It’s here that budding tennis enthusiasts with eyes set on grand slams and clay court duels get to refine their skills, facing opponents with similar aspirations and dreams.


Epic Encounters: Adult Tennis Arenas

The adult tennis landscape is diverse, with weekend warriors seeking a fun match and seasoned professionals seeking fierce competition. Our adult tennis competitions cater to this vast spectrum, ensuring that every serve, every volley, resonates with the true spirit of tennis, evoking passion and precision in equal measure.


Newcastle Events & Leagues: Your Tennis Destination

In Newcastle, tennis isn’t just about playing matches; it’s a celebration where the whole community comes together. And leading this festive spirit of tennis is Discover Sports Group, ensuring every game feels special.


Tennis for All Ages

Our calendar is filled with diverse tennis events and leagues, catering to enthusiasts from all walks of life. We’ve got delightful events tailored for young kids to experience the joy of their first serve or their initial rally. These moments lay the foundation of a lifelong tennis journey. Our junior tennis competitions offer a perfect stage for the older, ambitious kids. They can showcase their budding skills, challenge peers, and embrace victories and lessons here.


More Than Just a Game

For the adults, it’s a mix of passion and tactics. Our adult competitions become a platform for sharing experiences, challenging oneself, and enjoying those intense match moments that remain etched in memory.


Join the Tennis Saga

Behind every serve, rally, and match point is a tale of dedication, dreams, and an undying love for tennis. Every event we organise adds a chapter to this ever-evolving story. Here, players, fans, and coaches come together, driven by a common thread – a deep, shared love for the mesmerising game of tennis.


Adult Tennis Competition Newcastle: Elevate Your Game

For mature tennis enthusiasts, we have meticulously crafted a series of competitions under the banner of Discover Sports Group. The adult tennis scene in Newcastle isn’t just about wielding a racquet but strategy, stamina, and spirit. Our adult tennis competitions provide a platform for all these elements. Here, every game is more than just a set of serves and volleys; it’s a narrative of determination, skill, and passion.


Discover the Passion Within. Delving deep into tennis, we at Discover Sports Group have curated bespoke competitions for the sport’s enthusiasts. It’s more than just a game; it’s a symphony of skill, strategy, and spirit.


Beyond The Court Lines: The adult tennis arena in Newcastle isn’t restricted to merely swinging the racquet or mastering the serve. It’s a strategic battlefield demanding unwavering stamina and an indomitable spirit.


Crafting Tennis Legacies: Our exclusive adult tennis competitions serve as a pedestal, showcasing the diverse elements that make this sport magnificent. Whether you’re an adept player or a budding enthusiast, our platforms promise to challenge and elevate your game.


A Game, A Story: In our courts, every match unfurls a unique story. It isn’t just about serves, returns, or volleys. It’s about the heartbeat behind every shot, the grit in every rally, and the unyielding passion that drives players to the pinnacle of their abilities. With Discover Sports Group, immerse in a narrative where determination meets skill, crafting a passionate tennis tale.


Your Tennis Odyssey Begins Here!

Stepping onto our courts begins a new chapter in your tennis journey. With the buzz of excitement in the air and the pulse of competition echoing, Discover Sports Group welcomes you to a transformative tennis saga.


Championing Excellence: A dedication to pushing boundaries is at the heart of every game, every serve, and every volley. As you lace up and gear for action, here’s what awaits:


Mastery & Nuanced Guidance: Beyond techniques and drills, our seasoned coaches offer wisdom – a blend of their experiences and expertise. Our meticulously designed training modules make every second on the court a stepping stone to your tennis zenith.


Modern Court Marvels – Unrivalled Infrastructure: Every bounce, every spin, and every drop shot is enhanced in our tennis arenas. Designed to international standards and equipped with cutting-edge technology, our courts promise an exceptional play experience.


Bond Beyond Boundaries – Community & Camaraderie: Here, tennis is more than a sport; it’s a bond. You become part of a vibrant fraternity where passion is the common language. Whether it’s mutual challenges or shared victories, our community thrives together.


Embrace the Game:

  • Position yourself at the baseline.
  • Feel the rhythm of your heartbeat.
  • Inhale the spirit of competition.
  • Catapult yourself into a universe of unmatched tennis adventures with Discover Sports Group. 

Connect with us now and carve your indelible mark in tennis!

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Adult Comp Rules and Regulations

We have set up a WhatsApp group for each comp to make it easy to find reserve’s. If you do not wish to be a part of the group,


please let reception know


15% Discount when you pay the term upfront.


How to find a reserve:


Send a text to your comp WhatsApp group


Call reception and we will provide you with a list of reserves


Call reception and ask them to find you a reserve – By doing this you will not be able to score any points this week


If you are unavailable, but manage to find a fill in for yourself, then your points will be counted


You must play a minimum of 7/10 matches with your regular partner to qualify for the finals.


You cannot get a fill in to play finals.

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