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Newcastle Tennis Holiday Camps

Our passion at Discover Sports Group is player development and our focus is revolutionary and contemporary structures from red ball level to yellow ball. Our team embraces modern technology and combines it with their highly experienced knowledge of coaching to develop players all round game.

Discover Sports Group offers exceptional tennis, pickleball, and mini golf camps. Our camps provide an immersive experience for participants. Join us to elevate your game in tennis, pickleball, or mini golf.

Newcastle Holiday Camps

July  Dates

  • Week 1  >  8TH – 12TH 
  • Week 2 > 16TH – 19TH 



Call 02 4940 0898 for all details


Sydney Holiday Camps

April Dates

  • 17 & 19 April
All enquiries tom@discoversportsgroup.org or call 0422 622 762

April Dates

  • 22, 24 & 26 April

UTR Camp

Call 0422622762 for all details

Welcome to Discover Sports Group, where the heart and soul of tennis converge to create an unparalleled realm of athleticism and zeal. In our view, tennis isn’t just a game – it’s an odyssey of challenges, growth, and triumphant moments that combine to forge unforgettable experiences.


Boasting a formidable ensemble of Sydney’s most skilled tennis coaches, our foundation is built upon a potent mixture of profound knowledge and genuine passion for the sport. This unique blend ensures that every player, regardless of age or skill level, has an environment conducive to learning and excelling.


Discover Sports Group: Where Passion Meets Play

Our programs are a testament to our innovative spirit. From foundational training with the red ball to advanced strategies with the yellow ball, we ensure that every stage of a player’s journey is meticulously catered to. Our cutting-edge coaching techniques are informed by the latest in sports science and education, ensuring the holistic development of every player. We don’t just focus on strokes and serves; we hone each individual’s mindset, agility, and strategic thinking, nurturing them to realise their utmost potential.


But beyond techniques and training, what truly sets Discover Sports Group apart is our unwavering commitment to cultivating enriched experiences. Every rally, every match, every cheer, and every challenge faced on the court is an opportunity for growth, both as a player and an individual.


So, as you stand on the steep of your tennis journey, know that with Discover Sports Group, you’re not just embarking on a sporting endeavour but a voyage filled with passion, precision, and excellence. Dive into a world where every serve counts, and every game is a step closer to tennis mastery.


Kids Tennis Camps in Newcastle: Every Junior’s Dream Playground

Nurturing a young player’s talent goes beyond drills and practice; it’s about understanding their aspirations and unlocking their potential. At Discover Sports Group, we have meticulously designed the Kids Tennis Camps Newcastle program specifically for juniors aged 11 to 18.


Whether your child is stepping onto the court for the first time or has mastered the basics, our skilled coaches adapt to their unique needs and goals. Each session is crafted precisely, ensuring it aligns with your child’s tennis journey. Our primary objective is to make every serve, rally, and game a learning experience and an exhilarating adventure.


We believe in creating an environment where tennis becomes more than just a sport; it becomes a passion. With us, every junior player is on a path to achieve greatness, irrespective of how big or small their tennis dreams are.


Summer Tennis Camp in Newcastle: Dive into the World of Tennis

With each sunrise bringing more daylight and warmth, summer in Newcastle unfurls the perfect setting for young tennis enthusiasts. Welcome to our standout Tennis Summer Camps, where each day is a fusion of enthusiasm and finesse. Catering to both novices and those already adept with their serves and volleys, we curate an enriching atmosphere.


Our tennis camps go beyond mere racket techniques; they’re a backdrop for camaraderie and recollections that endure beyond the courts. Here, every rally is a lesson, every match a memory, and every player is a budding tennis star waiting for their moment in the sun. Join us, and let your child embark on a summer journey in tennis mastery and heartfelt connections.


Easter Tennis Camps in Newcastle: Celebrate with a Serve

As Easter dawns upon Newcastle, consider a fresh twist to the usual festivities. Instead of the quintessential egg hunts, immerse your child in the rhythm of tennis rallies at our distinguished Tennis Easter Camps. We’ve meticulously crafted these camps, intertwining Easter’s joyous essence with the tennis thrill. Beyond perfecting backhands or mastering serves, our camp promises a holistic experience.


Every session brims with lively energy, ensuring that participants enhance their game and bask in the vibrant Easter atmosphere. Here, each serve resonates with celebration, and every game reflects the triumphant spirit of the season. Join us, and let your child dive deep into an Easter celebration that sways to the rhythm of tennis, blending tradition with sporty exhilaration.


Spring Tennis Camps in Newcastle: Fresh Starts and Fresh Serves

As Newcastle witnesses the reawakening of nature, with blossoms unfurling and melodies filling the air, the tennis courts beckon with a promise of new beginnings. Our Tennis Spring Camps go beyond the typical. They are a symphony of renewed vigour and enhanced prowess, setting the tone for the upcoming tennis seasons.


As petals unveil and birds serenade, our camps ensure that each player’s potential similarly unfolds, ushering in a fresh chapter in their tennis journey. It’s more than mere training; it’s about harnessing the essence of spring — the burst of life, the zeal, the transformation — and channelling it onto the tennis court. Every serve is imbued with the spirit of rebirth, and each game becomes a testament to growth and revival. Embark on this springtime vacation with us, where players don’t just hone their skills but experience a renaissance of their passion while in sync with nature’s rhythm.


Why Choose Discover Sports Group’s Tennis Holiday Camps?

Navigating the world of tennis program services can be daunting. With a sea of options, how do you find a trusted service provider in Newcastle, Sydney? Here’s how:

  • Personalised Care: Our coaching sessions aren’t one-size-fits-all. We understand the unique aspirations of every player and mould our sessions accordingly.
  • Cost-Effective: Starting at just $60 per session with discounts for families, our services are top-notch and wallet-friendly.
  • Trust and Quality: With a legacy of quality, our clients keep returning. They trust our meticulous attention to detail and unwavering commitment to player development.
  • Convenience and Communication: From the moment you connect with us to when you leave our courts, we ensure efficient communication, making your journey hassle-free.


Chase Your Tennis Dreams Today!

We understand the apprehensions – the quality, the costs, and the uncertainties. But with Discover Sports Group, rest assured. We’re not just coaches; we’re your partners in this journey.


So, Newcastle residents, if high-quality tennis programs beckon you, we’re here. Dive into a world of expert coaching, unrivalled facilities, and an unforgettable experience.


Ready to Serve?

Become a part of our Tennis Holiday Camps at District Park Tennis, Broadmeadow. Unleash your potential, create memories, and discover the magic of tennis with Discover Sports Group. Book your sessions today, and let’s make every serve count!

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